CROSSFIRE Youth Ministries presents IYC

Family Worship Center

IYC is hosted by CrossFire Youth Ministries and held at Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, LA - home of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. Every year youth groups from all over the world come together for what we at Christ The Rock consider to be the most Spirit filled youth event to date. Each service is televised and broadcasted all over the world in live time.

The Moving of the Holy Spirit

Without the operation and moving of the Holy Spirit, little to nothing can be done for the individual hearing the Word of God. We thank Pastor Gabriel Swaggart and the Crossfire team for providing our youth with a camp meeting that they can truly experience the presense of God through the preaching of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. Every year someone in our group gets filled with the Holy Ghost, and for those that already have the Holy Spirit baptism, well...they get refilled!

Praise and Worship

Spirit influenced and ordained by God, Family Worship Center's musicians are sure to usher the worshiper into the very presence of God. From the moment the first note begins to the closing song after the Alter call, the Holy Spirit is sweeping the building breaking shackles as it touches hearts and changes lives.

*The images and art work pertaining to IYC are owned by Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and or its affliates. This information is strictly displayed on our site to motivate our visitors to attend this event.

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