Join us for an in-depth study of the book of Romans. In This 16 chapter letter, the Apostle Paul first explains humanities fallen condition. He soon petitions the reader that every person individual must seek God forgiveness for their trespasses against Him so that salvation may be obtained. Soon after establishing this doctrine of Justification By Faith Alone, the Apostle finds it absolutely necessary to now teach the saved saint how to live for God. Here we find important information about how and what it really means to be a christian and walk in proper relationship with God in a progressively sanctified way. After teaching the body of Christ the details of Justification and Sanctification, Paul challenges the reader to continue in what they have professed to believe and to ultimately finish the race by spreading the true Gospel to an unbelieving and dying world. You do not want to miss this expository study into the great Book of Romans.

2017 Christ The Rock Full Gospel Ministries